We were walking
Across the road, into the field
We were trembling
And slowly we were getting near
To each other
Trying to escape
We were getting late
But none of us was caring

We were walking
Into the wood and off the path
We were shaking
We did not see it getting dark
Didn't know
Didn't care
What was I to do?
And how could I escape
Your swaying

The world keeps turning round
Though finally I've found
What I was ever looking for
I wonder if they'll mind
That you have made me blind
So I can't find the aim for which I'm heading

We were walking
Still breathless of the things we'd seen
We were smiling
Cause now we knew what love would mean
I don't know
Shall I ever
Be the same again?
I wonder if I can

Looks like a poem, I know, but rest assured: it can be sung with the correct melody. If you don't believe it, write. Oh, and everyone suspected it back in February 1988 anyway, so I might as well admit it now: the events mentioned in this lyric are entirely ficticious.

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