This Fool

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, Happy New Year
How easy are these words to say
They nicely help me hiding all my little fears

Another year's dying
The next one begins
And here I stand with head in hands
And wonder what a kind of time I'm living in

And I fear it's all too late
What has died won't reawake

All that felt good went bad
All that felt sane went mad
All that felt true was another simple lie
All that felt sound was fake
All that felt calm would shake
That's how this time has fast but silently flown by

But still I am living
And wondering why
The good times I have had in life
Are somehow just a memory from another time

And a cold breeze chills my heart
Please don't tear this life apart

Let me think good of bad
Let me think sane of mad
Let me believe in each single simple lie
Let me think sound of fake
Don't let me reawake
Don't make me learn from this fool I've made of mine
Let me think sound of fake
And when I'll reawake
Then hold me close, 'cause then in your arms I'll cry

December 24, '89. A little too much weltschmerz for a nineteen-year-old, you say? Looking back, I am quite inclined to agree. But it sure didn't feel like it then.

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Last edited: August 16, 2004