The Better Way

For Tanja

You're the one who gave me thrills
That wouldn't let me sleep at night
But my heartbeat that sounded so loud and ill
Has suddenly gone quiet

I'd thought this would forever last
And wondered what to do
And most of my future and most of my past
I'd thought I'd make depend on you

But if I was mistaken
I cannot really say
Well there's no comment to make
No promise to break
It's the better way

Well all these roads I'd thought were open
Were thick with mud and snow
And I did not dare to go them
Cause I'd got stuck before, long ago

Yes I had to choose, and I've chosen to go
On the one road that's even and plain
I was never the one to hurry along
I'll patiently approach my aim

But if I am mistaken
I cannot really say
But there's no comment to make
And there's no promise to break
It's the better way

And now it's past last chance to turn again
I'm walking down this one-way street
And I'm never gonna see your face again
And I'm never gonna lose my feet

And I'm looking behind on this escapade
And I don't know what to think
I'll go swimming again in Loner's Lake
But I don't believe I'm going to sink

And if I was mistaken
And all you'd wanna do was play
Then forgive my mistake
Fogive my escape
And hit the better way

June 9, 1989. I'm not entirely happy with that Loner's Lake stuff, but I've been thinking for eleven years now, all to no avail. I've half a mind to leave it in already. Spontaneousness was always one of my primary character traits. ;-)

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