Sleeping / Ocean Shore

For Natalie

How could I hear you were weeping?
How could I possibly know
That you lay alone here?
I've been sleeping
I've been sleeping

Fear must have kept you from keeping
The love that we felt where the daylight still shone upon

The sound of your heartbeat
Is hiding your fears
Way underneath mine
And I'm sleeping
I am sleeping

I fear that, time passing, my vision comes true
You and I stare at a photograph
Of ourselves still so young and so much in love

Don't let me sleep when you're leaving
How could you go when you know I'm in love with you?


Love we have
And what a love we have
We have
Love like the mountain high
Love like the ocean shining

Hold it tight
Keep it well
Guard it forevermore
Wait by the ocean shore
Soon I'll be coming

This was sometime in 1990 or maybe early '91. I'm aware it must look like free verse to you, but rest assured: with the correct melody, it is not only singable, but it's also outright beautiful. :-)

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Last edited: March 4, 2006