Out of Control

For Doris

We'd gone tired of the fight
We put an end to the frustration
And we set off for new borders
And lost each other's sight

But I think I see the light
I can't stand a new temptation
Though I'm burned and bruised and battered
I jump into the night

I'm out of control
To keep my love calm I could never start learning
I'm out of control
And deep down inside there's this old-fashioned yearning
I know it will hurt
But I'm only part of what's making the whole
How little the hope
I think I can cope
I'm out of control

Who'd have thought of this so soon
Was this love or just forgetting
When you asked me, ``Do you miss her?''
I said I didn't know

We played `Walking on the Moon'
Which your neighbour found upsetting
So we turned to other noises
And went all the ways to go

I'm out of control
I just closed my eyes and I fell in the fire
I'm out of control
It's all about soul and burning desire
This is not for life
It's burning so hot but it soon will turn cold
But now it's delight
We'll do it all night
I'm out of control

Then you said you'd move away
And I felt as if I'd known it
These were days fulfilled with Heaven
But there'll be ages full of pain

But to hold it there's no way
So let's light it up and blow it
Just a minute in the sunshine
Is worth miles and miles of rain

I'm out of control
I'm out of the mood to do what I ought to
I'm out of control
Did not make a move but this love I was brought to
You'll be far away
And somebody new soon will take to your soul
I'd say it's allright
But this very night
I'm out of control!

July 31, 1994.

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