On The Line

For Natalie

To believe in the future
But to worship the past
To behold our love each day
As if it were the last
To be there for your troubles
Through the days and the nights
To be happy together in love on the line

I have seen all your problems
I know them perfectly well
And there's plenty of things that
I would love now to tell
But the time I can speak you tonight
Is two quarters and two dimes
And that's not quite enough for a love on the line

Last night I could not sleep
So I sat and watched the sky
And my tears inside to keep
I dreamed of holding you awhile

Even through the receiver
I am torn by your voice
Well I'd love to come nearer
But have I got a choice?
So please listen what I'll tell you
What I swear by my life
We will never again suffer love on the line

This was in the autumn of '91 if I am not mistaken. I didn't make notes of the dates then. I would always remember, I thought. Ha!

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