Missing You

For Maja

Whatever I'll write in this song
Somehow it all will be wrong
I hardly can cast into words
What fills my soul

One thousand of miles we're apart
A strange feeling comes to my heart
The further the distance, the more
I feel it's breaking
I feel it's breaking

Missing you, missing you
Now I know that still I love you
Now I know I'm dreaming of you
Now I know that I'll be waiting
Missing you, missing you
There are other girls around me
I don't know if love'd have found me
But I know I did not search
I'm missing you

I know our lives do not match
There's nothing to say against that
But love will be stronger than life
I'm missing you

I'll join you wherever you go
I'll show you whatever I know
I'll help you whenever you need
Someone beside you

Missing you, missing you
When the sun is shining brightly
And my hand is drifting lightly
Next to me where there is no-one
Missing you, missing you
We'll be night and day together
And our light will shine forever
And till then all I can do is
Missing you

September 16, 1988. The one thousand miles are only a slight exaggeration: it's about that far from some village in Tuscany, Italy, where I was, to some village in Lower Saxony, Germany, where she used to live.

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