For Tanja

What a useful word, your "maybe"
It gives no promise, but hope to me
"Maybe" future will be fine
"Maybe" one day you'll be mine
"Maybe" you could be so kind
And "maybe" you won't let me down like her who made me cry

It seems the sweetest sound, your "maybe"
And since I'm longing just to have you near
I stopped thinking of my past
And my heart is beating fast
This feeling longs to last
My dreams forever circle round this picture you have cast

I'm dreaming
Well-known faces are leaving
There is no space for dated memories

My brains are full of you
So there's nothing left to do
But to show I'm mad for you
And before I'll ask the question, I'll have known your answer too:


Aeons ago: Mar 4, '89. She was my dancing lesson partner, not that unusual is it? :-)

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Last edited: May 8, 2000