Lonesome Hours

I hear it calling from the church
Bells that echoe to and fro
A lonesome melody in the noise
Like memories from long ago

And as it slowly disappears
I mean to hear somebody say
"These are all the many tears
of human beings who died today"

A cloud of pidgeons' sailing by
With every second getting more
And as they circle in the sky
I feel I've felt this way before

But the people who're passing, they shout and laugh
They do not feel what words can't say
They miss the call of eternity
And only care about today

Tell me how can we help them, tell me now
How can we make them look within
Cause all the lives that grow around
They are like churchbells in the wind

And as the sun begins to hide
And slowly all is getting dark
I'm singing what I longed to write
In lonesome hours in the park

July 17, 1988, sitting in a park in Bournemouth, England. I don't like the second verse anymore, but the rest still moves me.

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