Let's Try

For Natalie

First love is born within sight of our childhood
Or so things are reckoned to be
I'd tried bloody hard and succeeded in acting
Like love was a thing I'd decided to flee

But then came the day when we met on the roadside
And everything changed with a smile
We walked upon clouds and we slept upon flowers
And all was so easily alright for a while

None of us ever would think of the future

Sheer fascination would soon become love
But spontaneousness ceased to routine
They say that's the fate of all lovers on Earth
But such could not happen to me

Wasn't I good to you?
Didn't I care?
Are feelings important with bedrooms to share?
While watching you sleeping so light
Fear somehow stole into my mind
That would haunt me so deep and so grave
But with morning light always would fade

Years passed us by as to strengthen belief
That our future would just remain bright
We certainly had little fights time to time
But to fight must be better than swallow your pride

I strongly believed you believed in our future

Out of the blue then you told me one morning
That things can't go on as they did
I sort of agree, but if that is your reason
To leave me, then I never knew you a bit

But still I believe that this love can be strong
With both of us working we'll go on and on
So let's try
To escape this routine in our lives
To be crazy like back in old times
To let nobody bring us apart
To take care of the other one's heart
To be faithful and true to the bone
To behold this love strongly as stone

I'll have to guess, and I guess 1993.

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