Let My Thoughts Wander

I walk through the city, of course I am once more alone
I concentrate strongly on moving my muscles and bones
Cause when I let my thoughts wander
It won't be long till they're with you
That's what I don't want
Cause then I'd have to cry all night through

I'll try to forget you, to think of new love once again
You know it is hard, and I'm really not sure if I can
If I forget you as a lover
As a friend I'll be still needing you
That's what I want
Cause I just cannot cry all night through

If you do not want me, I'll sentence my feelings to death
Once I thought I'd die too, now I know I will live when you've left
My brains will survive
But my soul will lie dead next to you
That's what I don't want
Cause I'll cry my eyes dry without you

If I said I'll forget you, I don't mean that I will for good
Cause if one day you called me, you could be sure that I would
I would let my thoughts wander
And soon they would be next to you
You know that's what I want
So don't wait too long if you do

August 17, 1987. Yes, it's not that great, I agree. But it's still lots better than many hit records' lyrics, so why shouldn't I put it up? I mean, it's not as if you're paying to read this. ;-)

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