Song Lyrics

I spent the night in tears
And you could not really comfort me
But now I'm feeling good

    -- From "Fallen Trees"

I've been writing lyrics since '87 or something. They're all in a big binder on the top shelf, which I sometimes take down and read (or even, sing from) for the sheer nostalgia of it. And on such an occasion I thought, what do I have a web site for? So there.

Most of the stuff in that binder is miserable bordering on embarassing, or at least seems that way to me now. It should be noted however that much of what's being played on the radio these days seems similarly dreadful to me. There are a few notable exceptions though, both in that binder and on the radio; I've been putting the exceptions from the binder up here whenever I feel like it, in the hope that someone might actually read them. Some of them aren't released for the first time – has seen a couple of them, as have various mailing lists, web forums, and of course, people. There are some gaps in more recent years, which are due to me being less productive than I used to be, but also to some of the recent songs feeling still too private to share with the world. That might change; it's happened before.

The song lyrics here are all written to someone else's melodies I'm afraid. I'm not telling which melodies they are, with the exception of some obvious parodies and plagiarisms which are marked with a *, because maybe you're good at writing new melodies and wish to try. I'd appreciate that. I have made up a few melodies on my own by now, but they have new lyrics to go with; I can't seem to find new melodies to this old stuff though, because naturally I keep hearing the "original", stolen melody whenever I read it. So if you want to collaborate, please get in touch! Which of course you're welcome to do as well if you just want to tell me you hate the stuff, or (fat chance) happen to like it.

There's already someone I am collaborating with, by the way. I originally had removed the lyrics that will probably appear on our first "album" (heh) from this page; I have put them back in now because really, why wouldn't I want you to read them anyway? Of course, they'll be made available in their new form if and when we ever get around to actually recording something. Which may take a "further few days" :-)

Fun and Nonfun

I've been trying to write non-love songs since I started writing. It's hard for me. Only recently do I think I'm seeing progress; below are the first ones I consider presentable.
More of my fun lyrics, namely the operating system related ones, are to be found at my friend Axel's long neglected and thus delightfully retro site, Collection of Windows Jokes. Also, some German lyrics I wrote are featured on Schlabonskis Welt.

Silly Love Songs

You think that people would have had enough of silly love songs, but I look around me and I see: it isn't so. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. And what's wrong with that?
    -- Paul McCartney

It's Just Too Short, Dude

These are songs I like very much, but when singing them I always feel are too short, and which I've therefore written an additional verse or three for. Most of which verses should be taken with a grain of salt. If when reading these you feel I've butchered a classic, chances are you're right.

Other Stuff

Not lyrics as such, but lyrics-related...

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