For Life

For Natalie

Part I

Sat calm like a baby
Lay firm like a stone in the ruins of my life
I would never have thought of change approaching

When all of a sudden
Out of the blue
All I'd been disappeared into darkness

When you said, "Hey can't we go to your place?"
Well at first I simply failed to understand
Then I said, "Surely we could but it would be my first time
"I'm scared for life"
You said, "Love it will be allright"

From the first touch of your tender hands
To your last gentle sigh
You were right
It was my greatest time for life

Part II

Here I'm lying in the darkness, and I listen to your heart
And all I feel around me now is you
Let this never be forgotten, let us never fall apart
Let's forever be together, never blue

I am always going to love you, you are always on my mind
You have picked me up from lonesome, restless strife

This ain't no fun-for-a-night connection
Oh no, this is the love for life

And your hands are like a windbreeze, and your skin is like the sea
And your lips are soft as velvet on my chest
How I love to let you feel me, how I love to simply be
I only live to lie beside you when you rest

"Could there ever be another," I'd often asked my aching heart
Yet it never knew to answer
Now I find:

All the other ones that it ever felt like love with
Seem like half-forgotten dreams of childhood time
This ain't no best-I-can-get affection
Oh no
This is the love
I say this is the love
This is the love for life

March 31, 1990. And though it turned out not to be for life, it sure felt that way then. Exercise for the reader: find the three song titles that used to be hit records not too long before then. And yes, I did that intentionally.

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