Final Disposition

For Natalie

Sitting here getting used to being alone
I'd never have thought
It would be so easy to see that you're gone
So should I have fought
To keep you near me
When I had lost you already
Well can you hear me
I do not miss you, I'm just moving on steady

I have before tried to make my position
There's nothing more, this is my final disposition

I do not mean to say that I'm happy alone
I'm dreaming for sure
But of those whom I dream of you ain't no. 1
Not anymore
No use in grieving
What now might seem like forever
Will soon be leaving
Well such is life, it must be now or be never

There ain't no chance to obtain my submission
So take a glance, this is my final disposition

I used to think we'd gone too far to escape
Couldn't have been more wrong
And on the horizon my future takes shape
So I'll carry on
I'm sorry baby
Don't kid yourself I'll be waiting
There's no more maybe
No time to waste, now I'm through hesitating

This is the day that I'll cut the transmission
So stay away, this is my final disposition

June 22, 1994. Yeah, right. As if she'd care. :-)

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