Fallen Trees

For R.M.M.S.

A field of fallen trees
Where forest used to be
They'll build a highway here
Where we used to lie and share our dreams
Cut down and fallen trees
(Goodbye, goodbye)
(You said:)

"Open your eyes and see"
I'd never thought I could
I spent the night in tears
And you could not really comfort me
But now I'm feeling good
(Goodbye, goodbye)
(You know...)



Wounds that never heal

Soon there'll be
Like we'd never have believed
We fell
In and out of love like leaves
That grew and fell to the ground

And soon the yellow big machines
Will turn it to
     Mud and tar and concrete
     It'll all disappear
So look at the...

Look at the fallen trees
Some of their leaves still green
Don't know what you can see
Maybe you're not quite as blind as me
So look at the fallen trees
And please don't look back on me

July 7, 2000. The hook is from a "song contest" in rec.music.makers.songwriting, where this lyric made its first public appearance. Kudos to all the other participators, especially Irene Jackson for starting it all. It's been an interesting experience to make: writing about something that really didn't have any meaning to me at all when I started out... Check out r.m.m.s. at Deja or somewhere for other (read: better) entries.

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