Broken Links

Music by Chris de Burgh: "Broken Wings"

These broken links will take me no further
I'm lost and out at sea
I'd thought these links would take me forever
To where I long to be

And it's so hard to get a 404
When all I needed was a web site to rely on
But these broken links have let me down
They can't even carry me $HOME

These broken pages still keep me from sleeping
I remember when they used to work
But I've neglected all the updates I ought to have been keeping
And now I go berserk

And it's so hard to catch up by now
All I'd need is 'bout a month or two to do that
Now these broken links are overwhelming me
I think I should rather go home

So please forgive me, gentle traveler
On this pulsing web of wires
When you klick my links and your browser goes awry
For just when I think that I might have gained some ground here
Simply all hell breaks loose
It falls apart
And sends me to square one

When I began I believed that nothing could go wrong
I thought the whole world would be waiting for my web site
Just klick "Back", my friend, I need you now
Klick "Back" and return to here
Just klick "Back" and report a broken link
I'm doing my best round here

Written on December 11, 2011.

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Last edited: December 11, 2011