Being Alone

For Natalie

You've been away for such a long time now
I have to say that things have changed somehow
A feeling's come to me that's made me frown
It's one that never should have shown
I'm getting used to being alone

Don't mean to say that I don't miss you hard
I'm still a slave to you and all your charms
And when you're here with me I'm free from harm
But when you're far away from home
I'm getting used to being alone

Since the days when we first met
We've seen so much I can't forget
Friends who found and lost a love
Lovers we've been thinking of
But in each crisis we've been though
I swore I'm still in love with you
And broke to tears, and so did you
So why can't I go on missing you?

My life has changed since you have been away
Yet still I think about you every day
But not with grief I do, and not in pain
As though you're one I used to know
I'm getting used to being alone

Yes I could get over you
And live the way I used to do
I wouldn't cry all my life for you
Which I often said was what I'd do
But when you will return one day
I'll hold you close and hope you'll stay
And should you say "I still want you"
I'll never again be losing you

Come back and stay, I'll still be here for you
Nothing's the same, but we can start it new
For I'm in love with you, there's ways to go
Never again shall you be blue
And I'll get used to loving you

Probably summer of '92, just like Different People which was during the same time. It's quite astonishing how a couple months' forced separation can tap reservoirs of hence unknown creativity, conviction, and kitsch. Why am I adding this to the web site now, after all these years? Quoth Sheryl Crow: "It don't hurt like it did, I can sing my song again."

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