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BX: Thoughts on Hovering

Citroën drivers are a peculiar kind of people. They have the best suspension systems known to man, at least this side of S-class Mercedeses, Rolls Royces and such, and still they are never satisfied with the ride.
That’s not my observation, but something I read in the ACC forums. That doesn’t make it any less true. [...]

GTI: Next Problem Please

Sigh. This time, TÜV on the GTI turns out to be a more expensive thing to achieve than anticipated. Having replaced the exhaust from the catalytic converter backwards all the way to the end, now there’s a crack in the exhaust manifold.
There go the next couple hundred Euros.
Speaking of which, at least the dealer,, [...]

GTI: Exhaust Blues

After having gotten progressively louder over a few weeks, maybe months (you don’t notice that kind of thing right away, do you?), part of the GTI’s exhaust fell off the car last week.

Recreated action shot.
So it was time to order a new one; after a bit of price comparison googling, I went for Walker parts [...]