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BX: Pictures!

So here are some current photos of Grisu:
Did you notice the chrome trim beneath the number plate in the last picture? Here’s a detail shot:

Please Welcome: The BX … Again

So it was time to buy a BX. Again. (See previous post on why.)
This time, I still looked at sites like and, but I set my real trust in the André Citroën Club Forums (German language). That’s where the enthusiasts meet, and that’s where they advertise their cars for sale. I had quickly [...]

GTI: Sold!

I actually managed to sell the Golf GTI 16V, and what’s more, its new owner (my pal Stefan) is not entirely decided upon which one of his Golf IIs will become parts donor for his T3 Bus.  The other one is a less elegant, less well-equipped, less original, but also less rusted-out white two-door Golf [...]

Caravan: Back Home … Almost

Last weekend, I carried the caravan back home from Bavaria, where my (deceased) friend had worked on it to get it TÜVable again after a decade or so of storage.

Someone called it a doghouse. Hey, it’s bigger than that! Somewhat.
He could not complete it, but at least the welding is done, and done nicely. I’ll [...]

Gerbelmann: There It Goes

Last weekend, Uncle Gerbelmann got moved to his new home:

Never an easy moment, is it?
The damage is not fatal, but it is really rather extensive. The front end has suffered most:

The tree, I am happy to report, is alive and well.
The new owner, Torsten, assured me that the van is fixable and indeed will be [...]