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BX: Thoughts on Hovering

Citroën drivers are a peculiar kind of people. They have the best suspension systems known to man, at least this side of S-class Mercedeses, Rolls Royces and such, and still they are never satisfied with the ride.
That’s not my observation, but something I read in the ACC forums. That doesn’t make it any less true. [...]

Nothing to Report

Long time, no post. The reason is simple: I’ve been at work most of the time, so I’ve had little or no opportunity to tinker with old cars. Thus, there has been nothing to report lately.
But I’m still very happy indeed with Grisu, as the new BX has been named. Granted, it is a gas [...]

BX: First Repairs

Nothing serious yet (knock on wood), but the BX’s Citroën-ness has been showing already. Things I’ve fixed so far: The rear wiper didn’t make it all the way across the window and back, so I cleaned and lubed its linkage; and the map reading light went out, so I replaced its meagre little 7W lamp [...]

GTI: Manifold Found, and E85 Test Successful

Long time no post. The reason is simple: Nothing happened. But it will.
It will have to, in fact. The GTI is two months without TÜV now. So far, the police didn’t notice. *knock on wood*  But I am not willing to go back to the days when I was stopped with nineteen months of TÜV [...]

Maikäfer Meeting Hannover

Traditionally, on May 1st each year, the city of Hannover gets flooded with thousands (some claim: tens of thousands) of aircooled Volkswagens. Sadly, again, not including mine this year; without an engine, it is technically no more aircooled than the GTI, in which I went there, to gawk at other Volks’ convertibles.

Unreachable. Sigh.

But alas, most [...]

Caravan: Back Home … Almost

Last weekend, I carried the caravan back home from Bavaria, where my (deceased) friend had worked on it to get it TÜVable again after a decade or so of storage.

Someone called it a doghouse. Hey, it’s bigger than that! Somewhat.
He could not complete it, but at least the welding is done, and done nicely. I’ll [...]

GTI: Next Problem Please

Sigh. This time, TÜV on the GTI turns out to be a more expensive thing to achieve than anticipated. Having replaced the exhaust from the catalytic converter backwards all the way to the end, now there’s a crack in the exhaust manifold.
There go the next couple hundred Euros.
Speaking of which, at least the dealer,, [...]

Bug: Let’s Make It an Autostick

I talked to a friend the other day (via e-mail) and asked him whether he thought that converting my convertible (hmm… figures) to Automatic Stickshift would be a viable idea. He is quite enthusiastic about the plan (”that’s what I’d have done if you had sold it to me”). So am I, and thus it’s [...]

Gerbelmann: Sold :-(

Today marks the end of an era for me: My panel van, Uncle Gerbelmann, is now officially sold. Again. Next weekend, it will be moved from where it currently is stored to its new owner’s home.
The decision has not come lightly, but I realistically don’t have the knowledge and resources required to repair the van [...]

Bug: The Ultimate Vanity Plate

Here’s what I’d like my Bug to have as a vanity plate:

Let’s see who gets that one.
Sadly, Germany doesn’t allow such extravagances. But maybe I’ll get me some California plates like that anyway, to show off on Bug meets. I just mustn’t forget to swap them back before driving home then.