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BX: First Repairs

Nothing serious yet (knock on wood), but the BX’s Citroën-ness has been showing already. Things I’ve fixed so far: The rear wiper didn’t make it all the way across the window and back, so I cleaned and lubed its linkage; and the map reading light went out, so I replaced its meagre little 7W lamp [...]

GTI: Manifold Found, and E85 Test Successful

Long time no post. The reason is simple: Nothing happened. But it will.
It will have to, in fact. The GTI is two months without TÜV now. So far, the police didn’t notice. *knock on wood*  But I am not willing to go back to the days when I was stopped with nineteen months of TÜV [...]

Maikäfer Meeting Hannover

Traditionally, on May 1st each year, the city of Hannover gets flooded with thousands (some claim: tens of thousands) of aircooled Volkswagens. Sadly, again, not including mine this year; without an engine, it is technically no more aircooled than the GTI, in which I went there, to gawk at other Volks’ convertibles.

Unreachable. Sigh.

But alas, most [...]

Bug: Let’s Make It an Autostick

I talked to a friend the other day (via e-mail) and asked him whether he thought that converting my convertible (hmm… figures) to Automatic Stickshift would be a viable idea. He is quite enthusiastic about the plan (”that’s what I’d have done if you had sold it to me”). So am I, and thus it’s [...]

Bug: Hen’s Teeth

There is one part (well, pair of parts) that is still missing from my Convertible. They were only fitted to US models, and unlike many such parts that the German Bug scene considers cool, they lack that kind of appeal. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Better condition would be nice too.
They are rear reflectors, originally mounted [...]