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BX: Check Those Fuel Lines!

Long time, no update. The reason was frustration, pure and simple. Here’s why:
Yes, it’s gone. Not yet crushed, but it’s going to be — as one Citroën expert put it: “Everything that costs money is burnt.” I had this car for just three weeks, and it still hurt to see it go.
But hey, life goes [...]

GTI: Sold!

I actually managed to sell the Golf GTI 16V, and what’s more, its new owner (my pal Stefan) is not entirely decided upon which one of his Golf IIs will become parts donor for his T3 Bus.  The other one is a less elegant, less well-equipped, less original, but also less rusted-out white two-door Golf [...]

GTI: Manifold Found, and E85 Test Successful

Long time no post. The reason is simple: Nothing happened. But it will.
It will have to, in fact. The GTI is two months without TÜV now. So far, the police didn’t notice. *knock on wood*  But I am not willing to go back to the days when I was stopped with nineteen months of TÜV [...]

Maikäfer Meeting Hannover

Traditionally, on May 1st each year, the city of Hannover gets flooded with thousands (some claim: tens of thousands) of aircooled Volkswagens. Sadly, again, not including mine this year; without an engine, it is technically no more aircooled than the GTI, in which I went there, to gawk at other Volks’ convertibles.

Unreachable. Sigh.

But alas, most [...]

GTI: Next Problem Please

Sigh. This time, TÜV on the GTI turns out to be a more expensive thing to achieve than anticipated. Having replaced the exhaust from the catalytic converter backwards all the way to the end, now there’s a crack in the exhaust manifold.
There go the next couple hundred Euros.
Speaking of which, at least the dealer,, [...]

GTI: The End Tag

Not much to write about this one.

Except for the fact that when pulling a trailer, the end tag is not present. Which even is sort of correct.

GTI: The Sound of Silence

(D’you know, I always wanted to title a post like that.)
You guessed it: the new exhaust is fitted. Sounds absolutely boring, like a factory-spec Golf GTI 16V should. The only slightly noteworthy experience was presenting my newly silenced vehicle to the cops.
Reading the ticket I had received, the officer asked for the documentation by the [...]

GTI: Exhaust Blues

After having gotten progressively louder over a few weeks, maybe months (you don’t notice that kind of thing right away, do you?), part of the GTI’s exhaust fell off the car last week.

Recreated action shot.
So it was time to order a new one; after a bit of price comparison googling, I went for Walker parts [...]