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Just a Picture

Just when I prepared to photograph Grisu …
What looks like a giant explosion in the background in fact is one. Approximately five million tons of hydrogen detonated during the 1/125th of a second of exposure time that my camera took to produce this image. Luckily, they did that approximately one hundred and fifty million kilometres [...]

GTI: The End Tag

Not much to write about this one.

Except for the fact that when pulling a trailer, the end tag is not present. Which even is sort of correct.

Citroen 2 CV Meeting Rötgesbüttel

Like every year, I started the season at the Rötgesbüttel Citroen 2 CV Meeting on Easter. This might seem somewhat unusual for a VW guy, but it’s a really nice and relaxed meeting with good-natured folk and interesting cars, most of which even feature aircooled boxer engines.

This is a quite typical picture in fact, because [...]

Bug: The Ultimate Vanity Plate

Here’s what I’d like my Bug to have as a vanity plate:

Let’s see who gets that one.
Sadly, Germany doesn’t allow such extravagances. But maybe I’ll get me some California plates like that anyway, to show off on Bug meets. I just mustn’t forget to swap them back before driving home then.