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Haubentauchen Gifhorn September 2010

Unlike last month, there were plenty of cars at this month’s Haubentauchen meeting. Most of them were American ones. And many of those were:
Mustangs. Yawn. Seriously: at this very informal and regional three-hour meeting, there were more Mustangs than there were BXes at the annual André Citroën Club meeting last weekend. Figures, huh?
But [...]

ACC-Meeting Staßfurt

ACC is the André Citroën Club, which I joined on its yearly meeting on the second weekend of September. It took place in Staßfurt (south of Magdeburg) at a beautiful little campsite next to a lake, on what might turn out to be the last true summer’s day of 2010.
The meeting was rather smaller than [...]

Haubentauchen Gifhorn August 2010

Haubentauchen (hood diving; but the word is derived from the German name of the podiceps christatus or great crested grebe, if that helps) is a very informal monthly meeting of old cars in Gifhorn, which is quite close to Braunschweig, where I live. So with nothing better to do on a Sunday, I pointed the [...]

Maikäfer Meeting Hannover

Traditionally, on May 1st each year, the city of Hannover gets flooded with thousands (some claim: tens of thousands) of aircooled Volkswagens. Sadly, again, not including mine this year; without an engine, it is technically no more aircooled than the GTI, in which I went there, to gawk at other Volks’ convertibles.

Unreachable. Sigh.

But alas, most [...]

Citroen 2 CV Meeting Rötgesbüttel

Like every year, I started the season at the Rötgesbüttel Citroen 2 CV Meeting on Easter. This might seem somewhat unusual for a VW guy, but it’s a really nice and relaxed meeting with good-natured folk and interesting cars, most of which even feature aircooled boxer engines.

This is a quite typical picture in fact, because [...]