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BX: Runs On 50/50 E85 Mix, Perfectly

The title says it all: the BX doesn’t even seem to notice that I gave it 11 litres of E85 bio-ethanol on top of its less-than-a-quarter-tankful of Super yesterday. Much unlike the Golf, no hesitant starting, no near-stalling when cold, nothing at all.
Good car.
Time to up the dose a bit, methinks. I’ll keep [...]

GTI: Manifold Found, and E85 Test Successful

Long time no post. The reason is simple: Nothing happened. But it will.
It will have to, in fact. The GTI is two months without TÜV now. So far, the police didn’t notice. *knock on wood*  But I am not willing to go back to the days when I was stopped with nineteen months of TÜV [...]