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Just a Picture

Just when I prepared to photograph Grisu …
What looks like a giant explosion in the background in fact is one. Approximately five million tons of hydrogen detonated during the 1/125th of a second of exposure time that my camera took to produce this image. Luckily, they did that approximately one hundred and fifty million kilometres [...]

Haubentauchen Gifhorn September 2010

Unlike last month, there were plenty of cars at this month’s Haubentauchen meeting. Most of them were American ones. And many of those were:
Mustangs. Yawn. Seriously: at this very informal and regional three-hour meeting, there were more Mustangs than there were BXes at the annual André Citroën Club meeting last weekend. Figures, huh?
But [...]

ACC-Meeting Staßfurt

ACC is the André Citroën Club, which I joined on its yearly meeting on the second weekend of September. It took place in Staßfurt (south of Magdeburg) at a beautiful little campsite next to a lake, on what might turn out to be the last true summer’s day of 2010.
The meeting was rather smaller than [...]

BX: Thoughts on Hovering

Citroën drivers are a peculiar kind of people. They have the best suspension systems known to man, at least this side of S-class Mercedeses, Rolls Royces and such, and still they are never satisfied with the ride.
That’s not my observation, but something I read in the ACC forums. That doesn’t make it any less true. [...]

BX: Pictures!

So here are some current photos of Grisu:
Did you notice the chrome trim beneath the number plate in the last picture? Here’s a detail shot:

Nothing to Report

Long time, no post. The reason is simple: I’ve been at work most of the time, so I’ve had little or no opportunity to tinker with old cars. Thus, there has been nothing to report lately.
But I’m still very happy indeed with Grisu, as the new BX has been named. Granted, it is a gas [...]

Haubentauchen Gifhorn August 2010

Haubentauchen (hood diving; but the word is derived from the German name of the podiceps christatus or great crested grebe, if that helps) is a very informal monthly meeting of old cars in Gifhorn, which is quite close to Braunschweig, where I live. So with nothing better to do on a Sunday, I pointed the [...]

Please Welcome: The BX … Again

So it was time to buy a BX. Again. (See previous post on why.)
This time, I still looked at sites like and, but I set my real trust in the André Citroën Club Forums (German language). That’s where the enthusiasts meet, and that’s where they advertise their cars for sale. I had quickly [...]

BX: Check Those Fuel Lines!

Long time, no update. The reason was frustration, pure and simple. Here’s why:
Yes, it’s gone. Not yet crushed, but it’s going to be — as one Citroën expert put it: “Everything that costs money is burnt.” I had this car for just three weeks, and it still hurt to see it go.
But hey, life goes [...]

BX: Runs On 50/50 E85 Mix, Perfectly

The title says it all: the BX doesn’t even seem to notice that I gave it 11 litres of E85 bio-ethanol on top of its less-than-a-quarter-tankful of Super yesterday. Much unlike the Golf, no hesitant starting, no near-stalling when cold, nothing at all.
Good car.
Time to up the dose a bit, methinks. I’ll keep [...]