No Comments Please

This blog is being discontinued. Somewhat.

I’ve had one of my rare episodes of realism. And the outcome is thus:

  • Uncle Gerbelmann’s new owner probably won’t report here.
  • Nor will the Golf’s.
  • The Convertible will be restored. Well, repaired. Someday. But not by me, which means that there will not be much to report about it.
  • The BX just works, and its minor ailments will probably not be worth blogging about.

So, either this becomes a monthly Haubentauchen picture blog, or it joins the ranks of undead blogs. I’ve decided on the latter.

Comments are closed. If you want anything, mail. (But use a meaningful subject line and refrain from HTML mail, lest my spam filter will probably catch you.) There may or may not be updates here in the future, so I advise to switch your RSS feed to weekly checking or so in case you care at all.

Been nice meeting you. Thanks for reading.