Nothing to Report

Long time, no post. The reason is simple: I’ve been at work most of the time, so I’ve had little or no opportunity to tinker with old cars. Thus, there has been nothing to report lately.

But I’m still very happy indeed with Grisu, as the new BX has been named. Granted, it is a gas guzzler compared to its predecessor, the Golf 2 16V; but 9.5 litres per 100 km is acceptable for such space, performance, comfort, and (above all) fun. An extremely agreeable automobile, this; I think I’m a believer now, and I cannot foresee a way back to watercooled Volkswagen ownership.

Aircooled Volkswagens are, of course, a different matter entirely. The lack of time I’ve mentioned means that my ambitious plans with regard to Convertible restoration have remained an illusion; but with less time comes more money, such is the nature of working for a living. Which means that I’ll do less of the work myself, but it will still be done.

And of course, from time to time, temptation rears its head and tries to convince me to buy an additional car. Last time it was another BX, same colour, one owner. Nice looking car, but needs a little tender loving care — the clutch is shot, and it’s quite probable that there are other issues. Still, at 50 Euros, it would be a steal. — So I won’t buy it. Why not, you may ask? Well, sentimental fool that I am, I would not part it out. And end up with two very similar BXs, only one of them operational. Fix it up and sell it? See above on time. Have it fixed and sell it? Probably little to no profit for a lot of hassle. Sigh.

Besides, I’ve issued a rule for myself: Never again own more than one car of the same type. I used to own up to five VW Buses, and up to six VW Bugs, simultaneously. Which meant that none of them got the amount of care, money, or attention they deserved. I shall not make that mistake again.

So, other types? Well, of course I want to. A VW Bus T2, a Citro├źn 2CV, Ami 8 or GSA, they all have temptation potential. But I promised to the Bug I wouldn’t buy another car until it, the Bug, is on the road. (I bought two BXs since. But I don’t have more cars now than I had before, I have fewer. So there.) At the very least, I am currently not actively looking for another car to buy.

Stay tuned for the next one I do buy, then. ;-)