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GTI: Sold!

I actually managed to sell the Golf GTI 16V, and what’s more, its new owner (my pal Stefan) is not entirely decided upon which one of his Golf IIs will become parts donor for his T3 Bus.  The other one is a less elegant, less well-equipped, less original, but also less rusted-out white two-door Golf [...]

BX: Runs On 50/50 E85 Mix, Perfectly

The title says it all: the BX doesn’t even seem to notice that I gave it 11 litres of E85 bio-ethanol on top of its less-than-a-quarter-tankful of Super yesterday. Much unlike the Golf, no hesitant starting, no near-stalling when cold, nothing at all.
Good car.
Time to up the dose a bit, methinks. I’ll keep [...]

BX: First Repairs

Nothing serious yet (knock on wood), but the BX’s Citroën-ness has been showing already. Things I’ve fixed so far: The rear wiper didn’t make it all the way across the window and back, so I cleaned and lubed its linkage; and the map reading light went out, so I replaced its meagre little 7W lamp [...]