Caravan: Back Home … Almost

Last weekend, I carried the caravan back home from Bavaria, where my (deceased) friend had worked on it to get it TÜVable again after a decade or so of storage.


Someone called it a doghouse. Hey, it’s bigger than that! Somewhat.

He could not complete it, but at least the welding is done, and done nicely. I’ll have to complete the wirework, and have new tires put on, before I can attempt TÜV inspection. The repainting will be done after that … I have no place to do that in, so it’ll have to be mobile (and thus, registered) before attempting the painting. Currently the caravan is still sitting on the trailer at my friend Ingo’s (whose trailer it is), so the next caravan-moving post is coming up later this week already.

Oh, and on the way down there, I dropped off my long-wood trailer at Torsten’s, too:


If only everything in my life was as abundant as old trailers.

I don’t have any plans to buy a VW Pickup anymore, so it’s kind of pointless to keep a basically useless trailer that only works with one. And at least it goes to a good home … I saved it from being junked, that’s something isn’t it?