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GTI: The Sound of Silence

(D’you know, I always wanted to title a post like that.)
You guessed it: the new exhaust is fitted. Sounds absolutely boring, like a factory-spec Golf GTI 16V should. The only slightly noteworthy experience was presenting my newly silenced vehicle to the cops.
Reading the ticket I had received, the officer asked for the documentation by the [...]

Bug: Hen’s Teeth

There is one part (well, pair of parts) that is still missing from my Convertible. They were only fitted to US models, and unlike many such parts that the German Bug scene considers cool, they lack that kind of appeal. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Better condition would be nice too.
They are rear reflectors, originally mounted [...]

Bug: The Ultimate Vanity Plate

Here’s what I’d like my Bug to have as a vanity plate:

Let’s see who gets that one.
Sadly, Germany doesn’t allow such extravagances. But maybe I’ll get me some California plates like that anyway, to show off on Bug meets. I just mustn’t forget to swap them back before driving home then.

GTI: Exhaust Blues

After having gotten progressively louder over a few weeks, maybe months (you don’t notice that kind of thing right away, do you?), part of the GTI’s exhaust fell off the car last week.

Recreated action shot.
So it was time to order a new one; after a bit of price comparison googling, I went for Walker parts [...]

Hello, World.

Welcome to my Volkswagen blog, “Gerbelmann & Friends”. You can find out basic info about my VWs through the links at the top of this page; the Gerbelmann one will also explain the name of the site and blog. It’s all rather brief and sketchy still I’m afraid; I will be adding more material about [...]