• Volkswagen “Bug” Convertible, Type 15.
  • 1970 model year. Built in November, 1969. Official 1st registration on July 1st, 1970. This has to change to sometime in 1969 to get the original red rear turnblinkers street-legal in Germany.
  • “B” code engine: 1600 cc, 47 bhp. Engine type is original for US models. Actual engine comes from a German VW Transporter (Type 2) though.
  • Four-speed manual gearbox. I’d really like an Autostick (automatic stickshift: two-speed manual with hydraulic clutch and torque converter) instead, and it even could be retrofitted quite easily because like Autosticks, but unlike European manual-tranny Bugs, my US model does have the double-jointed rear axle. But that’s firmly a future project, if indeed I ever will get around to the conversion at all.

Deviations from original condition

  • Doors from later model. Different in inside door lock operation. Too expensive to replace, especially since the doors are in very good condition. Will remain like this unless I get extremely lucky in finding correct ones.
  • Engine lid from later model. Different in number of cooling slots. Will be replaced, replacement lid is already here, but needs lots of work. Not top priority.
  • Paint colour. Currently white, allegedly from the Audi paint palette. Will someday be Diamond Blue (L50). Originally probably was Kansas Beige (?). I usually advocate original colours, but come on — a beige convertible? No way. And Diamond Blue at least was available for the 1970 model, unlike white. Besides, my first car was a Diamond Blue 1970 VW Bug.
  • Wheels in wrong paint scheme. Should be silver for 1970 model year, but are/will be black-and-white. I like them better that way.
  • Dashboard grilles and glovebox lid in wrong colour. Should be black for 1970 model year, but will be body colour. I like them better that way.
  • Steering wheel in wrong colour. Should be black, but is/will be white/body colour. I like it better that way, and black tends to burn your fingers after parking in the sun with the top open.
  • No floor carpeting. A convertible by definition gets wet inside sometimes, and thus should be easy to get dry again, lest it develop mold and rust.
  • Intake air filter. Should be single nozzle type with one big preheated air intake hose, but will be double nozzle type with two small hoses (from 1966 Bug 1500 model). I like it better that way, and preheated air intake from heat exchangers instead of spent cooling air looks like a better solution to me.
  • Euro-spec headlights, instead of US-spec sealed beam type. Sealed beam headlights are illegal in Germany.
  • Removal of US-spec carbon canister for tank ventilation. Not needed in Germany, is leaking anyway, and takes up much needed boot space.
  • Rubber trim and bumper guards will be fitted to bumpers. Rubber trim is a factory option (if indeed it isn’t even original for my car), and bumper guards were a very common accessory for Bugs in the US.
  • Euro-spec kph speedo, instead of US-spec mph one. Will be replaced, even though mph speedos are technically illegal in Germany.
  • Additional gauges: Cylinder head temp, oil temp, and oil pressure. Common accessories, and certainly can’t hurt. Will be in US measurements of course.

Current condition

  • Overall: Poor, not running, not complete, but with good substance and generally acceptable looks. Suffered remarkably little from more than a decade of storage in several, less than optimal locations.
  • Frame and body structure: Fair. No structural rust known. Certainly nothing dramatic.
  • Paint job: Poor but salvageable. Too good to repaint on a tight budget.
  • Convertible top: Junk. Needs complete reworking.
  • Interior: Fair. That plastic imitation leather sure can take punishment.
  • Instrumentation: Good.
  • Engine: Unknown, presumed in need of repairs after decades of storage.
  • Transmission: Unknown, presumed fair.
  • Brakes: Unknown, presumed in need of repairs.
  • Suspension: Unknown, presumed fair.
  • Tires: In need of replacement.
  • Electrical system: Unknown, presumed okay.

See also: Todo list.