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Going, Going, Gone.

This is the last post on this blog. It may be deleted at some point in the future, too.
Kindly point your browsers to
instead; it’s where my convertible lives now on the Web, but it isn’t so alone over there like it was here, so it will likely be even happier than before even though it [...]

Goodbye, World.

This blog has proven to be rather short-lived. But fear not: the content that was supposed to be published here will still be published, only elsewhere.
The reason for that is that I’ve gotten to be the owner of my old panel van “Uncle Gerbelmann” again, albeit in the worst possible way: by its new owner’s [...]

Hello, World.

This blog will inform anyone who’s bored enough to follow it of the slow progress in getting my ‘70 Volkswagen Convertible back on the road. Me, that’s Erik Meltzer, or Ermel for short. I live in Braunschweig, Germany. So does my convertible again, as of this year.
I’ve owned it for about 15 years now, but [...]