I’m your host, Erik Meltzer, nicknamed Ermel (which is an abbreveation thereof). I live in Braunschweig, Germany; like my convertible, I was also born in Germany, but unlike it, I never lived abroad. ;-) I’m only three months younger than my convertible, and it has withstood the test of time better than I have. :-) I’m a truck driver by profession, but I used to be a database programmer in a previous life. Currently I’m jobless though, so if you know of a job offering, drop me a line. Which of course you’re welcome to do anyway.

Other interests

  • Model railways. H0 scale, German prototype, 1950s. I’m also a Fremo member.
  • Model cars. Ho scale. Especially commercial vehicles, and aircooled VW’s of course. I do not collect, but I model (with mixed results). You can find me in the forums if you so desire (German language, registration needed).
  • Other cars. Vintage and aircooled preferred. Apart from Volkswagens, Citro├źns and Unimogs tend to fascinate me most, and although I’ll probably never be able to afford a Unimog, a 2CV is definitely among my planned purchases. Someday. But really, anything that does not have plastic bumpers is pretty much okay in my book.
  • Which leads to the conclusion that I’m not the world’s most consequential person, once you know that my other car is a 1987 VW Golf GTI 16V, and has graduated from winter beater to potential future classic status in the decade I’ve owned it. But that doesn’t keep me from driving it in the winter. Yet.

Other web sites

My other web sites are, in no particular order: and its blog (both German), a model railway site I write and maintain with some friends; Schlabonskis Welt (in German), a site-come-blog that’s stuck somewhere between serious thought and utter nonsense; (mostly bilingual), a site about my former (and hopefully future) 1972 VW Panel Van; Senseless Software (mostly German), a mostly forgettable site about the mostly forgettable software I write (and do let the name warn you!); and for all the rest. I also own the domain name for the German version of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement’s web site, but I do not maintain its contents.

Enough about me already. This is supposed to be about my convertible, after all.